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Does subliminal software work?

Did you know that the average person spends at least 30% of their day in front of a computer screen?  That is a huge amount.  So how useful would it be if you were able to be learning, or changing your life for the better, whilst you are sat there, and indeed without you even noticing? Sounds pretty tempting right?

That is exactly what subliminal software offers you.  But does this offer add up?  Does subliminal software REALLY work?

Subliminal Software Does Work

Subliminal software really does work, and has a strong scientific basis, and numerous investigations, to back it up. 

The first publicly known trial (rumours persist the CIA had been experimenting with it prior to this) of subliminal messaging was done in the 1950's, where flashed 'stills' (flashed to quick for the naked eye to register) proved to push sales of popcorn and coke over 50%.

Since then scientists have taken a very strong interest in how subliminal messaging can be used, and with the rise of the home PC there has been a lot of interest in how people can use such software at home to better their lives.

The most recent research in the field has been carried out in the University College London (UCL) by Professor Nilli Laive, who led the research.  Her research studied how much information can be taken in by the subconscious following a brief message flash up on a screen, a flitting moment far to brief for the conscious mind to be aware of.

“There has been much speculation about whether people can process emotional information unconsciously, for example pictures, faces and words,” She said
“We have shown that people can perceive the emotional value of subliminal messages and have demonstrated conclusively that people are much more attuned to negative words.”

What this means for subliminal software of course is that it is easy to convince yourself not to do something, and so moving on from addictions, helping you lose weight, fears and phobias can all easily be giving a 'negative value' in your mind and so you will have less interest in them again, and move passed them relatively quickly.

Research by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has shown us that it is not just thoughts and feelings that can be influenced by subliminal messages, but our actions too.  Dr. Ran Hassin of the Psychology department led the research and came to some interesting, and surprising, results.

The department was interested in how subliminal messaging could effect the political situation in the country and surrounding areas.  Investigations were carried out to see how national symbols would effect political attitudes and emotions, following the assumption by many that they would polarize opinion when seen subliminally, however this was far from the case.  Again research was carried out in the same way that subliminal software works, flashing up images or messages for milliseconds, too fast for the human eye to consciously register, but still enough for the subconscious to.

Instead those who saw national symbols, such as the flag of Jerusalem, actually started to express more moderate political views.  Whilst the political alignment was interesting what was more interesting again was that subliminal messaging could be that powerful, that it could directly influence peoples actions an opinions on such a highly emotional subject.

"I think these results are interesting for two reasons," says Hassin. "First, they provide sound empirical evidence for the non-conscious ways in which national ideologies subtly affect our thoughts and behaviours. We are now extending this research to examine what other ideologies can do so and in what ways this is expressed. "

"Secondly," he continued, "these results significantly extend the empirical knowledge regarding the nature and influences of unconscious processes. We are now investigating the mental mechanisms that underlie this phenomenon, and I am confident that this journey will yield new insights to our understanding of the cognitive unconscious -- and hence, of consciousness itself."

So we can see that cutting edge, recent research has shown, via in-depth empirical research, that subliminal messaging is a very powerful tool.

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Does Subliminal Software Work?

Did you know that the average person spends at least 30% of their day in front of a computer screen?  That is a huge amount.  So how useful would it be if you were able to be learning, or changing your life for the better, whilst you are sat there, and indeed without you even noticing? Sounds pretty tempting right?
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