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If you've ever looked at ways to improve yourself personally or professionally, you'll have come across thousands of people who talk powerfully about using positive affirmations.Positive Affirmations

This is a process where you regularly repeat positive phrases and goals over and over again. Eventually the phrases get to your subconscious mind (your real powerhouse) and then become more naturally part of who you are.

But there is a problem with affirmations. Most of the time, our conscious mind is so critical (and scared) of our affirmations that they never even get to our subconscious - they are blocked.

Your conscious mind (that's the part of your mind that goes on and on in the background with those stupid defeatist comments) just doesn't believe that the affirmation you're working with can actually happen. So while you are steadily repeating your affirmation, that critical conscious mind is going, "Yeah, right. There's no way I can ... ".

And so that affirmation has lost about 95% of its effectiveness. That's why so many people fail at loosing weight, stopping smoking, or building their self-esteem, etc. Most people can't break through that barrier and ignore that nagging voice or feeling that puts the brakes on any positive change. Yes, with continued repetition that affirmation will get to the deeper subconscious mind ... but the majority of people give up before any lasting change can be enjoyed.Subconscious Mind

So what if you could send messages directly to your subconscious mind and bypass that critical conscious mind altogether ...

Instead of battling against your conscious mind all day long, go straight to the subconscious, where your real command centre is.

Subliminal messaging works by by-passing the conscious mind completely, avoiding any negative challenges to the positive changes you are working towards.

Positive messages are sent directly to your subconscious either visually or auditorily depending on the kind of subliminal method you choose.

Although your conscious mind is only able to focus on one or two things at a time, your subconscious is much more powerful and takes in information from a multitude of sources all at once. So although your conscious mind can't decipher the message being displayed, your subconscious does. This is how you can go round your critical and perhaps self-defeating conscious mind and access your subconscious directly.

Today, there are several ways to enjoy subliminal messaging. As well as well known subliminal CDs and MP3s, there is also subliminal messaging software which you can use on your computer. You can now even record your own subliminal audio's using sophisticated software.

Used alongside a well defined objective, subliminal hypnosis messaging can really help to reinforce your goals and make your plans a reality.

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