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Hypnosis for the Subconscious Mind. Use self-hypnosis software, CDs and MP3s to subliminally help strengthen and push forward your goals and dreams. Discover How Subliminal Messaging Can Reprogram Your Mind To Get Maximum Results. If you've ever looked at ways to improve yourself personally or professionally, you'll have come across thousands of people who talk powerfully about using positive affirmations.

Build Confidence, Self-Belief, and Success Achievement
Re-align how you judge yourself and your potentials with this tested and proven self-belief training course. There are some people in life that no matter what is thrown at them, they get up, dust themselves down and just get better. You could call it having a glass half full mentality, having a positive outlook, having a belief in those silver linings in the clouds. Whatever phrase you choose to use, some people seem to have a success factor.

Deep Working Subliminals for Fast & Lasting Change
Subliminal CDs have come along way since they first became available some years ago. Technology has advanced, as well as how best to deeply connect with the subconscious. These subliminal audio's use a proprietary 4-part Encoding System™ which combine the deepest subliminal message delivery techniques to guarantee that you get the most effective subliminal recordings currently available.

Record Your Own Subliminal CDs
Make your own subliminal CDs designed to exactly fit your dreams & goals. From the leader in Subliminal Messaging Software comes the most advanced subliminal system, designed to create the most perfect subliminals to create change in you. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions make it straightfoward to start creating your own custom subliminal CD's or MP3's in just a few minutes. You could even start your own business using this software to create your own range of subliminal CDs to sell yourself!

Focus Your Mind with Subliminal Message Software
A few clicks on your computer and then go about your normal day to day computer activities. Working, playing computer games, reading email, surfing the web or any other computer activity can now be helping you reprogram your brain with powerful positive messages. Simply by doing what you normally do on your computer, can now invisibly send subliminal messages deep in to your subconscious mind. Messages to build self-esteem, confidence, improve your memory, even to support you in your diet and stop smoking plans.

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What is the Meaning of Subliminal?

Say the phrase 'subliminal messaging' and you tend to get a lot of reaction, and indeed over reaction.  The problem is that this is often based on misinformation and a lack of understanding of what subliminal means.
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How does subliminal messaging work?

Everybody has a subconscious mind that is always active.  Ever gone to bed with a question and woken up with the answer?  Or realised something completely unrelated to what you were thinking about?
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What is Subliminal Software?

Subliminal software is, as with all forms of subliminal messaging, a powerful tool.  Many people are interested in learning just what subliminal software can do to help their every day lives, but few people understand just what subliminal software is able to do – or the vast uses that it can be put to in order to help and improve your life.
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Does Subliminal Software Work?

Did you know that the average person spends at least 30% of their day in front of a computer screen?  That is a huge amount.  So how useful would it be if you were able to be learning, or changing your life for the better, whilst you are sat there, and indeed without you even noticing? Sounds pretty tempting right?
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What can you use subliminal messaging software for

There is a fair amount of debate amongst historians and psychologists about who first stumbled upon the concept of subliminal messaging, but certainly it first came to the forefront of thinking around the 1950's.  Some claim it was from CIA research into interviewing techniques and brain washing, whilst others say that it was first invented and used to sell coke and popcorn in a movie theatre.
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Where to Find Your Wealth

Ever asked yourself how much energy and time you've wasted chasing after money? When you take into consideration every second you may have thought about it, worried about it, shed tears over it, got angst ridden over it; as well as the times you may have spent it unwisely, pleaded with the world for more of it, and perhaps even did distasteful stuff to acquire it - it would most likely come to to a few years' worth of considerable work.
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Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Self confidence in life is key to everything and your best key to overall happiness. Someone once said ‘whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right’ (it’s usually attributed to either Mark Twain or Henry Ford) ... few people get anywhere in life through luck alone. It takes hard work. But why would you put in the hard work when you have no confidence in yourself?
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What are Binaural Beats

For centuries chanting in order to achieve relaxation and allow meditation has been a part of many cultures. It is now believed that chanting may work in a similar way to Binaural Beats. It is claimed that the use of Binaural beats allows people to relax and meditate and even increase creativity. There are various other claims as well about binaural beats helping with everything from stopping smoking to dealing with depression.
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What are Reverse Messages

The idea of reverse messages is that we all communicate deep and sub conscious thoughts in our speech that can actually be heard and understood when what we say is played back. Many people use a reverse messages technique to get in touch with their true feelings and thoughts to pinpoint what underlying problems may be causing issues in their lives.
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Stereo Confusion

There are many reasons to want to use subliminal messages but also several ways to deliver them. One of the best methods is to use stereo confusion to allow subliminal messages to enter your mind in such a way they reach your brain but you are unable to focus on them at the time.
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How to Improve Creative Thinking

Many people believe that they simply can’t be creative thinkers and that while some lucky people are able to think of original ideas and great stories, jokes and art ... they will never be able to do so. Other people perhaps find that being creative is something that comes and goes. It's true that you need to have the right mind set to be creative. You may feel that you can't find that in yourself. But the simple truth is that anyone can do it and that you too can put yourself into the mind set when you need too.
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7 Tips for Eliminating Telephone Stress

Recent research has shown that the most stressful aspect of domestic and social life is the telephone. The markers of stress - blood pressure, hormonal changes, etc - are increased more by telephones ringing repeatedly while trying to work than by any other aspect of office or home life.
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7 Tips for Stress-Free Holidays

Plan the holiday with as much care as the generals planned D-Day. Choose a destination that is easy to reach. If you are already worn out, why plan a holiday in the Andes? If you spend your life driving around the country as a sales director, don't drive an extra two or three thousand miles in your three weeks away.
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Causes of Stress - Family and Finance

The greatest source of stress in a family is financial. When people first marry, they share not only a bed but a bank account as part of the new, 'great togetherness'. What a mistake!
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How Stress Controls the Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system - that part of the nervous system that works without conscious intervention - controls the body's essential organs: the heart, the blood vessels, and the other bodily functions including the intestines, the bladder, the lungs (these are also partially under voluntary control), the sweat glands and flushing. Whenever humans are stressed, it is these organs and bodily systems that are alerted and prepared for the flight or fight response.
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How Stressed Are You?

When people are aware of being stressed, they should make efforts to manage it. If motivated by the thought of reducing the dangerous effects of stress on the heart and cardiovascular system, the amount of will-power and insight needed will depend on their age.
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How to Have A Stress-Free Dinner Party

Prepare as much of the meal as possible in advance. Set the table the day before. Take time to sort out the most agreeable seating arrangement. Try to avoid potentially quarrelsome or competitive pairings. Two generals together will have a good talk if they meet professionally and get along well together.
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Simple Steps to Stress-Free Entertaining at Home

For years, advertisements on television set an impossibly high standard for social entertaining, implanting false expectations of the fun and jollity that should be within the grasp of those who attend dinner parties, race meetings, dances, evenings in the pub and boisterous gatherings at the local yacht club.
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Stress and Common Gastrointestinal Disorders

For generations, stress was blamed for duodenal and gastric ulcers. It is now known that the principle cause of these diseases is infection with an organism known as Helicobacter pylori, and not the result of suffering in silence for years from the burdens of a pressurized and put-upon life.
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Stress at Work – Lateral Promotion

One of the many causes of stress in patients who consult doctors working in industry is the type that experienced by people who haven't received the recognition and promotion they feel is justified by their qualities. Promotion in any firm always entails a large element of luck. It is sometimes influenced by bad luck, and at other times by sheer vindictiveness or self-interest of more senior people in the organization.
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Stress Caused by Noisy Neighbours

Of all the hazards that must be avoided when moving house, that of noisy neighbors is near the top of the list of potential stress factors. After a day at work, peace and quiet, preferably both indoors and out, are essential. For this reason, visits to the planning office, chats with potential neighbors, a study of local papers and a rigorous insistence that all the questions are fully answered on the estate agent's questionnaire are essential. Even so, people can get caught out.
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Symptoms of Anxiety

Those who suffer from excessive anxiety are not necessarily Type A Personality people. Instead, they are very often highly strung, introspective, aesthetic people whose journey through life is a battle.
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The Classic Signs of Depression

The human mind is always adept at protecting itself, subconsciously redirecting anxieties and fears away from the psyche and onto some physical symptom that unconsciously becomes exaggerated.
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Tips for a Stress-Free Retirement

Plan for your retirement on all fronts, financial and otherwise. Don't let it creep up unawares. If possible, retire gradually and use the time gained from partial retirement to rekindle intellectual interests.
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Walking as Stress Relief

It’s hard to beat brisk walking so far as exercise is concerned. The pace should be brisk enough to cause slight breathlessness, but not so strenuous that conversation, although difficult, becomes impossible.
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What You Should Know about Eating Disorders

Among the emotional and psychological conditions that are associated with stress, often of a very subtle sort, are eating disorders. Not only obesity, but problems such as also anorexia nervosa and bulimia often have a psychological base. The exact relationship between personality type and these diseases is contentious, but undoubtedly stress is a factor in them.
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What You Should Know About Panic Attacks

One aspect of stress is the increased liability to panic attacks and other panic disorders. Panic attacks are short-lived episodes of acute anxiety. Even if they only last for a comparatively short time, they are enough to leave the patient feeling mentally and physically exhausted.
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What You Should Know about Phobias

A phobia is an especially strong fear that is triggered by some specific event or thing. There are a great number of phobias, but most people are aware of agoraphobia (a fear of open spaces or crowds) and claustrophobia (a fear of confined spaces). In both instances the patient is unable to see a ready route for escape.
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What You Should Know about Stress and Depression

Stress may trigger depression, anxiety or both of these. In all those who are depressed there is always an element of anxiety. Likewise, it is unusual for those who are anxious not to have some symptoms of depression. Even so, when considering patients' symptoms, an attempt should be made to separate the two groups of symptoms, as many of them are equally likely to be a feature of either condition.
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