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What are Reverse Messages

The idea of reverse messages is that we all communicate deep and sub conscious thoughts in our speech that can actually be heard and understood when what we say is played back.

Many people use a reverse messages technique to get in touch with their true feelings and thoughts to pinpoint what underlying problems may be causing issues in their lives.

Reverse MessagesIt is in casual conversation when our brain is putting thoughts directly into words without us planning the structure of what we are going to say before saying it that our sub-conscious thoughts can come out. Sometimes they will come out as snippets within what we are saying, at other times we will say things in such a way that they come out as messages from our sub-conscious in reverse. If you have ever heard yourself or someone else talking in a way where they seem to stress parts of words in a strange way or pronounce words in a slightly strange way it may well be that this is to allow a reverse message to emerge.

Reverse messages can sometimes be hard to understand at first and you may need to listen carefully and slow down a recording to hear the message, even then you may need to listen to a number of messages to get an overall picture of what is going wrong and to pinpoint a problem. Problems that we have and store sub-consciously may manifest themselves as symptoms such as depression, headaches and lack of energy; often people go on with these problems for years not knowing what the underlying problem is that they have: perhaps pushed to the back of their mind but which is still there.

It could even be that someone has repressed memories that can be revealed in reverse messages and then with the help of a psychotherapist can be dealt with. It may be something like having fallen out with a good friend or having been hurt by someone where you have never admitted it to yourself and repressed the feelings. Revealing these feelings of hurt thorough reverse messages mean you can first of all face them and then consider them, it may well be that in the context of your life now they mean little but must first be released in order to remove deep problems. Reverse messages could even reveal a persons need to take a holiday, to socialize more and so on. Feelings people have tried to ignore due to pressures of work and so on where in fact the manifestations may have led to a lack of drive and focus and made them less efficient at work. Reverse messages are often used along with hypnosis by psychotherapists to explore snippets that come out via these messages in more detail and to then help a patient deal with the issues they may have so they can move on and feel themselves again.

Reverse messages should be approached with some caution as messages can be difficult to understand and it may be too easy to interpret a message in the wrong way leading to worry about a problem that doesn’t in reality exist.

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