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How does subliminal messaging work?

Everybody has a subconscious mind that is always active.  Ever gone to bed with a question and woken up with the answer?  Or realised something completely unrelated to what you were thinking about?

That is your subconscious working.  You are never aware of it, or at least very rarely, as it doesn't enter your conscious thought processes.  But it is always there, working below the surface.

It has long been a theory that the brain registers and remembers much of what is happening around you, even when your conscious brain doesn't.  Take for instance a website, many of the have flashing adverts.  Whilst you might not consciously register what the advert is about your subconscious has registered the message and is aware of it.

Different Types

There are all different types of subliminal messaging, from small, millisecond images flashing up on a screen, so quick that you don't consciously perceive it but your subconscious does, through to clever placement of images.

That's right, your subconscious will be noticing images and links that you aren't noticing on a conscious level.  This could mean anything from a small image inside a large image, or certain body posturing of the models suggesting something that is not readily apparent without close examination.

All types of subliminal messages will be noticed and processed by your subconscious, which will in turn lead you to have thoughts and information you didn't know you had absorbed.

Subliminal Messaging and your Conscious Self

So what does all this mean with regards how subliminal messaging works on influencing people?  After all it is all well and good having your subconscious see and register things but if you can't consciously access it can it really effect your day to day life?

The answer is a profound yes, subliminal messaging can have a dramatic effect on how you think and perceive things.

Remember that your subconscious mind is still your mind, it exists using the same organ (the brain) and has access to the same neurons etc.  What happens is that, upon processing a subliminal message, your subconscious registers the message within in your brain.  This means that you then have the information or message, whether you want to or not.

But because this information hasn't come from a conscious thought process or awareness your brain will consider the thought it's own.  This means that you will often perceive a subliminal message as your own idea, to be accepted or discarded in the same way that any other idea you come up with does.

So a repeated subliminal campaign can start to influence thoughts quite easily, planting ideas over and over again – and repetition starts to bring about changes.  People think they are having the same thought over and over again. 

It can be even more simple than that though.  Consider advertising.  With products often it is a case of 'brand awareness' and 'market placement', making people aware of a brand or product and what sort of feeling people get from it 'value for money, sexy, essential etc'.  Because this is such low key brain activity you will rarely consciously consider why you think this about a product, just accept that your feelings and thoughts have merit... meaning subliminal messaging can program your brain with regards products, which is just why it has been banned in advertising on TV in the USA since the 1970's.

But it doesn't have to be a bad thing, indeed subliminal messaging also has numerous positive aspects.  Because it is able to project information, thoughts and feelings into the brain directly, and allow them to be seen as a persons own thoughts, it has massive potential in a number of fields, from helping reform criminals to aiding people to quit smoking.  Positive reinforcement of messages can help people to change their thinking and their lives, give people the outlook that they want.

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How does subliminal messaging work?

Everybody has a subconscious mind that is always active.  Ever gone to bed with a question and woken up with the answer?  Or realised something completely unrelated to what you were thinking about?
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