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How to Improve Creative Thinking

Many people believe that they simply can’t be creative thinkers and that while some lucky people are able to think of original ideas and great stories, jokes and art ... they will never be able to do so.

Other people perhaps find that being creative is something that comes and goes. It's true that you need to have the right mind set to be creative. You may feel that you can't find that in yourself. But the simple truth is that anyone can do it and that you too can put yourself into the mind set when you need too.

Creative thinking inspiration

Although creativity is about creating something new, there is nothing wrong with some inspiration and this may be a good place to start. Think about what it is you want to do: be it a painting a story; song lyrics: drawing; painting; thinking out of the box; and then take a look or listen to some examples that you would like to aspire to. It may also help to try and think about the process someone else may have been through to come up with a concept and then create a complete work. Different people work in different ways.

Have a starting point

When being creative, if you struggle to get started. think of the basics first. Don’t start off thinking about the first line of a song or what to put in the top corner of a painting think about the whole objective and what you want to create. If you are writing a story think first about the subject and what it is going to be about. If you don’t know what the subject or aim of your creativity is going to be brainstorm. Come up with any ideas and then see what they lead you on to; allowing your brain to think in stages you can start off with the widest concept and boil down to an idea to work from.

Break it down in to stages

When you know what the big picture is going to be either literally or metaphorically think about what the elements of it are: so a picture will have elements like the background and perhaps people or other items within in. A story will have characters and settings as well and will have a beginning a middle and an end: think about what each piece needs to get across: this works for any type of creativity though even if its something like an invention you are working on. If inventing you will start with the solution and then work out what the elements to achieve this may be and what each one will achieve within the thing as a whole.

Don't let yourself get bogged down

If you are struggling still to get beyond or to your initial stage and not feeling creative, then what you want to create may be too big a concept to start so try some exercises to get you creative with less pressure on. One popular technique is to grab a item near to you and then start jotting down all of the things it could be used for apart from its usual uses, this has been found to be a good way to relax your mind and get it thinking more out of the box than might be normal to it.

Plan something creative every day

The best way to stay creative once you have found your creativity is to do it often, if creativity isn’t part of your normal life find time and you may find it generally increases your ability to be creative in general on a day to day basis.


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