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Stereo Confusion and Subliminal Messages in Relaxation

There are many reasons to want to use subliminal messages but also several ways to deliver them. One of the best methods is to use stereo confusion to allow subliminal messages to enter your mind in such a way they reach your brain but you are unable to focus on them at the time.Stereo Confusion

The way stereo confusion works is to send different messages to each ear, the presence of two messages means that you can’t focus fully on one of them so you are unaware of it within your consciousness: as is important in all subliminal messages. However because each ear’s sounds go through a different part of the brain before entering your consciousness your brain is able to take on board these messages as separate messages.

Messages to each side of your brain

It is even the case that you can tailor messages to different sides of your brain, different sides of your brain are responsible for different things. Improve language and speech by focusing on the left side of the brain (right ear)

Many people have one hemisphere of their brain that is more active and developed than the other and this affects what they are good at; you could focus on developing the side of your brain that is less developed to improve things you aren’t as good at: for example creativity (primarily right side), or further develop things you already have a natural aptitude for.

Even things like confidence can be affected in this way; risk taking is controlled by the right hand side of your brain, as is belief.

By - pass the concsious mind straight to the subconscious

Subliminal Messaging Stereo ConfusionBy having these messages going to your brain without interruption from your conscious mind they should be far more affective; the conscious mind can dissect messages in such a way that it disagrees with them and questions them so that you don’t accept them. By bypassing this you do not have the opportunity to disagree with a subliminal message and it simply enters your brain as fact.

Often subliminal messages in your own voice work most affectively: as your brain believes you without question. Record messages that you want to have played as subliminal messages and use software that will convert them to be played to you through stereo headphones using a stereo confusion technique, it could be that you will read a message to yourself that is very specific such as “I am ideal for the job I am being interviewed for tomorrow and I shall show them” or more general such as: “I am strong and confident”.

They work best when you are actually relaxing or even concentrating on something else as long as it is simple: which could be work or reading so you can use this technique without having to take time out of your busy life.

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