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What You Should Know about Stress and Depression

Stress may trigger depression, anxiety or both of these. In all those who are depressed there is always an element of anxiety.

Likewise, it is unusual for those who are anxious not to have some symptoms of depression. Even so, when considering patients' symptoms, an attempt should be made to separate the two groups of symptoms, as many of them are equally likely to be a feature of either condition. Some, however, will be more closely associated with one condition than the other.

If you are concerned about your stress levels, degree of anxiety, and your overriding moods, it is always worthwhile making an appointment to see your GP. Your GP is likely to ask you a string of questions; he or she will not only be interested in your answers but in how you answer. You can ask yourself the types of questions the doctor is likely to pose. Even if you have reached the state of mind where you either don't want to or even can't face up to the answers, try to be honest with yourself. If you don't question your own approach to life and ask yourself the necessary questions that expose your state of mind and improve your insight, it is less easy for anyone else to help you - and less easy for you to help yourself.

All of the following six questions are designed to reveal the hyperconscientious, possibly obsessional person who is liable to set him- or herself very high standards and is liable to stressed or depressed if unable to achieve them. Answering 'yes' to them may well indicate that you are, in fact, a self-critical, over-conscientious worker.

1. Has your past medical history ever previously given any indication of psychological or psychiatric troubles?

2. Are you hyperconscientious, a perfectionist and worrier by nature?

3. Are you content with nothing but the best?

4. Do you strive to be a star performer, or are you content to be part of a team?

5. Are you a workaholic?

6. Do you always put your work first, even at the expense of your family and friends?