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7 Tips for Stress-Free Holidays

  1. Plan the holiday with as much care as the generals planned D-Day.

  2. Choose a destination that is easy to reach. If you are already worn out, why plan a holiday in the Andes? If you spend your life driving around the country as a sales director, don't drive an extra two or three thousand miles in your three weeks away.

  3. Find a reliable tour operator or travel agent. Later, you may feel enraged when you hear how someone has booked the same holiday off the internet and had a wonderful time for half the price, but there are others whose economy has left them in an unfinished hotel with no air-conditioning. Don't risk it.

  4. Get to the airport on time. Make due allowances for unexpected events, before or at the airport. Parking invariably takes longer than is supposed.

  5. Insure yourself.

  6. Get injections before you go. Everyone travelling overseas should be protected against Hepatitis A; if young and sexually adventurous, also Hepatitis B. You should also be immunized against polio, and be up-to-date with antiĀ­tetanus and anti-typhoid jabs.

  7. Take your usual medicines along, such as those for tummy upsets, coughs, stings and bites. An antibiotic cream is often useful. If you're prone to any disease or have a chronic complaint, pack more of your medication than is necessary in case your return is delayed.