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Walking as Stress Relief

It’s hard to beat brisk walking so far as exercise is concerned. The pace should be brisk enough to cause slight breathlessness, but not so strenuous that conversation, although difficult, becomes impossible.

This type of walking will be sufficiently demanding produce enough endorphins so that there will be a justifiably satisfying glow at the end of the walk. The walk should be not less than about half an hour a day. If a person's stress, genetic background or lifestyle (too much food and not enough exercise) has already led to metabolic diseases such as diabetes, the amount of exercise recommended is doubled.

People who for some reason don't want to walk can still bicycle. Some cardiologists who specialize in exercise physiology and its effect on the heart and health would dearly like to confine vigorous, but not strenuous, exercise to brisk walking and bicycling. Aside from stress considerations, in terms of healthy bones in both sexes, osteoporosis will only be inhibited when the limbs are bearing weight during exercise. Women should also remember that excessive exercise may also interfere with ovulation and menstruation and will actually favour the development of osteoporosis. Moderation in all things includes exercise. The objective of exercise must be movement.